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Internal rules of La Pénesais

 Welcome to La Pénesais ! 

It is a real pleasure to welcome you here.

La Pénesais has 2 cottages, so you may come across other visitors during your stay. We invite you to take advantage of the living spaces at your disposal, in a friendly and respectful environment. To do this, here are some simple rules that we invite you to share:

Schedule :


Your arrival: It should normally take place between 5 and 7 p.m. Arrivals outside these time slots are possible but must be agreed in advance.

Your departure: Must be no later than 10 a.m. We need time to guarantee future visitors the best possible welcome. Before leaving the premises, make sure you have not forgotten anything.

Your cottage :

For the respect of everyone, animals are not allowed in our cottages. However, we love animals. You will undoubtedly meet LOUSTIC, our Golden Retriever female dog. She is lovely, very fond of our visitors, especially the children, but she can be a little “sticky”. So she may try to get into your cottage. Please push her away kindly. Indeed, some of our guests are sometimes allergic to dog hair.

Loustic la mascotte de La Pénesais

In accordance with decree No. 2006-1386 of November 15, 2006, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the interior space of the house. Ashtrays are available outside. Please use them.

In the toilets, do not throw any waste other than toilet paper. Several trash cans are available in the house.

We invite you to take the best care in decorating and fitting out this house, which we wanted to make as welcoming as possible. The tenant agrees to return the lodge in perfect condition, to declare and assume financial responsibility for any possible degradation or major soiling for which he may be responsible. An inventory is carried out at the beginning and at the end of the stay.

Gîte de charme Au Bras du Tilleul : raffinement de la décoration de la chambre rose et noire

Access to the wifi network is free. The name of the network and the access code are indicated in the gîte. Illegal downloading is prohibited.

Be sure to respect the tranquility of the other occupants of La Pénesais: to do this, avoid using your mobile phone or music device outside your apartment.

Heating: During the heating period, the thermostat has been set and positioned before your arrival: do not change its place and do not modify the setting. If needed call us. For information, apart from the winter period (October to March), heating is optional and is subject to additional billing.

Terraces and outdoor spaces :

These spaces are reserved for relaxation in respect of the places and all the guests of La Pénesais. Do not dry laundry outside. A dryer is at your disposal in your appartment. Please do not move garden furniture outside the garden area of your cottage.
superbe jardin fleuri et arboré en Touraine du Sud

Your safety :

The car park is private, reserved for guests of La Pénesais. It is closed and unguarded. Any visitors must imperatively park outside the property.

For those of our visitors who travel the “Loire à vélo”, or who have personal or rental bikes, your bikes must be parked in the barn, located in the garden. (for more information on bikes, see the page “biking at La Pénesais“).

We invite you not to leave valuables inside the house. Inside and outside, the management declines all responsibility in the event of disappearance or theft.

If you were to open or close the gate, a few precautions should be taken. In fact, this monumental gate is over a century old and each gate weighs more than 500 kg. It is therefore to be handled with care, slowly, lifting the central stand (on the right door) well during the maneuver, and avoiding it “slamming”.

L'exceptionnelle lumiére du Véron, entre Loire et Vienne, donne des couchers de soleil inoubliables

Eco-Tourism Approach :

La Pénesais is committed to a sustainable eco-tourism approach. We are counting on you to support us in this process for the protection of our environment and the safeguard of our planet. Read more on the page “Eco-Tourism Approach“.

  • Avoid unnecessary lights
  • Limit water consumption
  • Use the bins intended for selective sorting. A notice relating to selective sorting is at your disposal in the kitchen.
  • Put vegetable waste (peelings, etc.) in the composter. This is on the wall in front of your house. You can consult the more complete instructions on composting, available in the kitchen, and the page “Eco-Tourism approach

Before leaving :

  • Close the garbage bags and place them outside at door of your cottage.
  • Empty the dishwasher.
  • The linen (sheets, towels, tea towels) must be removed and put in the bags made available to you for this.