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Teleworking in the country of chateaux : Have you thinked about it ?

Telework as an essential part of new work organizations

In less than 5 years, telework has completely revolutionized the world of work. The Covid crisis and lockdowns have of course boosted its use, even if the movement had already been underway for several years, particularly in large companies. The result: teleworking has become almost essential in the post-Covid business world, at least in the tertiary sector.

And the numbers prove it. Teleworking is practiced today by nearly a third of French employees. They were even more than 40% during the pandemic. And not only are the number of teleworkers increasing, but their duration of use is also increasing: the average remote work has increased to 3.5 days a week, more than double the pre-Covid period.

win-win solution for the world of work.

Surprisingly, or at least not so common in the business world, this enthusiasm for telework seems to be shared by both employees and employers.

On the employer side, 75% of companies that have experimented with teleworking during the lockdown declare that they want to perpetuate the principle. Some (mainly in the field of new technologies) have even switched to 100% telework (Facebook has now set up a Director of Remote Work). The advantages for companies are numerous: in addition to the obvious opportunity to reduce costs (premises, cleaning, energy, security, etc.), for more than half of them, teleworking would also develop the innovation and employee productivity !

On the employee side, the rate of satisfaction with this new way of working is more than 70%. Teleworkers see it as an opportunity to develop their autonomy, to have a professional life that is more respectful of private life and a way to significantly reduce the fatigue of commuting to work.

So much so that 48% of teleworkers are considering “long-distance telework” by relocating far from urban centers, or even abroad. This rate even rises to 65% among those under 35 !

Teleworking at La Pénesais: why not?

So, why not telework for a few days…or more in a warm, cozy and calm place?

Our cottage “Au bras du Tilleul” in La Pénesais offers a perfectly appropriate setting for teleworking: a traditional 19th century house, 100 m2 with 2 large bedrooms, a large living room and a large dining room-kitchen, very friendly, and even a small office upstairs. All this in a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere, with neat decoration, and of course equipped with fiber and free wifi.

And outside, the nearby Chinon vineyards, the banks of the river Vienne at 500m, the beautiful town of Chinon at 4 km, accessible by bike along the river, all bathed in the magnificent light of the river Loire… and well other little treasures to discover on site !